In Memoriam‚Äč

With sad news, Jon Peterson passed away this past Feb 1st.  He was loved by  many and will be sadly missed.  

For those that might need to pick up their bass still, please contact the phone number shown here.  The caretaker assisting with this is politely asking for Jon's claim tag or a photo of your bass.  

310.801.3853 tel

Welcome to my new upright bass repair site.  After a brief hiatus I am happy to again be taking new customers for their bass repair needs:  Including everything from simple bass set ups and adjustments to major repairs and restorations.

After more than 45 years of running World of Strings in Long Beach, I felt it was time to down size the space and stress of running a big company.  Today, I am back to what I truly love...repairing basses!

These days I mostly work out of my home in Buena Park, but I also keep a work bench in Malibu with guitar specialist, Fred Walecki, (usually on Mondays and some Tuesdays.)  My schedule is open and I take customers by appointment only.  For smaller repairs or set up work, I usually do at my home shop now, but for the larger or more detailed restorations, I do at Malibu.  Sometimes I will actually take basses between both venues, which offers a nice flexibility.   Here are the two locations which I am now working:

Jon Peterson (Again, please call ahead for appointment time.)

6932 San Paco Circle

Buena Park, CA  90620

Fred Walecki's  Shop  (On Mondays and some Tuesdays, but again, call first!)

25019 Pacific Coast Highway

Mailibu, CA  90265

As most of you who know me well....I prefer the telephone rather than text or emails.  So please, feel free to call and let me know what's going on with your bass.

About needed accessories, like new strings, even basses and bows:  While I am more concentrated with just doing upright bass repairs, I sometimes have a good lead on basses or bows.  For those needing new strings on a bass that you are going to want me to replace on your bass, I highly suggest the upright bass specialist, String Emporium who always have strings in stock and at the best prices in the country!  You can pre-buy your strings there and even ask them to ship them to me in advance or while I am working on your bass.